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Frequently asked questions

Is a funeral with Resomation similar to a funeral with Cremation?

Yes, a funeral involving Resomation is very similar to Flame Cremation. Resomation uses water instead of fire to reduce the body to its skeletal bones. After Resomation, as with Flame Cremation, the remains are placed in an urn and returned to the loved ones.

How is Resomation more eco-friendly than cremation or burial?

Resomation is the more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to flame cremation or burial. With Resomation comes the innovation and technology required for the advancement of environmentally focused funeral services. The positive impact of Resomation are: -No harmful emissions into the atmosphere. -Output that is 100% mercury free. -Reduced carbon footprint using up to 90% less energy than flame cremation. -Implants or prosthetics remain intact for removal and recycling.

I want to have a traditional funeral with my local undertaker, can I still choose Resomation?

Yes of course. Simply advise your Funeral Director you wish to choose Resomation. Your Funeral Director will carry out all of your funeral wishes and we will conduct the Water Cremation at our facility in Navan. We have a chapel on site for a commital service.

What will I receive back after the Resomation?

Just like flame cremation you will receive an urn containing pure bone ash of your loved one.

What type of Coffin should I choose?

Your coffin is completely your choice and the choice that best represents the life lived. We can conduct a Resomation whatever your choice of coffin is. The coffin does not enter the Resomator but is removed and either donated or recycled, whatever the family choose. In fact, we do not require a coffin should that be the choice that is right for you.

Am I alone in the Resomator?

Yes, the Resomator chamber is purposely designed for just one person. Our Pure Reflections team are committed to your care journey and will be with you every step of the way. Our Resomarium is a calm and peaceful place, where our care team is constantly engaged in conversation with your loved one, as we prepare them for their transition and Resomation.

How does the body return to Ash with Resomation/Water Cremation?

We place the body in the Resomator which looks very like an MRI machine. A solution of 95% Water and 5% Alkaline is then washed over the body. Under controlled conditions the body gradually reduces into its natural chemical components of amino acids, peptides, sugars and salts. Leaving behind pure bone, implants, prosthetics and mercury fillings (amalgams). The bones are then processed to the bone ash that is placed into the urn. This takes approximately three to four hours.

What happens to the water that is left behind?

When the process is complete the remaining water undergoes further treatment to ensure that it is completely sterile. Analysis is then completed to ensure Water Authority standards are met. Only at this stage is the water recycled back to the Local Authority water treatment plant.

How much does it cost?

The Resomation cost is a set cost of €1200. Your funeral Director will discuss all additional funeral costs with you directly. Our promise to you is that we will be with you all the way, that your committal will be done ‘Your Way ‘and with dignity and empathy.

Can I plan in advance for my Resomation?

Yes of course and there are two simple options. You can call us directly and we will arrange your Resomation with you and prepare your funeral plan ensuring all of your end of life wishes are captured and fulfilled when the time comes. Alternatively, you may contact your Funeral Director and advise them of the wish for Resomation and they will include this in the Funeral Planning.