Elizabeth Oakes 

I grew up in my beautiful hometown of Navan Co Meath. It was from a very young age of 17 that I expressed an interest in Mortuary Science. Strange to some but normal to me I felt my future was helping people when they needed it the most in difficult times. My parents supported me in my decision, and I travelled West to do an apprenticeship with the prestigious David McGowan in Ballina. It was then I continued my journey to America where I obtained my degree in Mortuary Science.

Upon reaching American soil, very young and alone, I managed to meet an amazing lady and now life long friend Lucille (who is currently at the ripe old age of 104).  Lucille took me under her wing and treated me like one of her own. It was through Lucille’s guidance and friendship and a keen interest in the industry that my career flourished. I knew I was passionate about caring for other people and I quickly realised that it is in the giving of ourselves that we receive the most joy.

Now a young mother of 3 beautiful children, I want to create a more sustainable greener environment for them to grow up in. 


I introduce Water Cremation Ireland as Europe’s first green eco-friendly end of life solution to body disposal.  As its ambassador, I provide a professional, caring, tranquil service to people in difficult times. Death is the only thing in this life that we can guarantee. For this reason alone, I feel that we should speak openly and honestly about our wishes whilst we still can. With my knowledge, skills and passion I feel extremely privileged to be able to bring some light in into people’s lives when they need it the most.

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